My story

I have drawn portraits as an autodidact until I was 18 when I get my bachelor's degree. I learned history of art and I have been attending to a fine art school for a year. Then I decided to undertake a painting restoration course for five years. History, art, sensibility, scientific side and know-how ; this is heritage conservation. Since october 2014, I am graduated by Ecole de Condé de Paris (master II).

I started my own workshop, Au Temps du Chevalet, in France, to restore paintings, frames and to reproduce some works of art. +33612367748


It's free!

  • Close observation of the painting
  • Establishment of a diagnosis and a treatment protocol


The workshop shall respect a code of ethics

  • Writing up a condition report and a diagnosis
  • Minimal intervention
  • Material's reversibility
  • Respect of the piece, its history, its cultural value, and respect of the artist
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Traditional, French and adapted to new materials and technologies.


“ The workshop provides its services to professionals, museums, associations, municipalities, or individuals. ”

Lydia Solastiouk Au Temps du Chevalet

The workshop